Doctoral Degree Lineage

JAMES, William
(1868, 1842-1910)
James received his medical degree from Harvard.
ANGELL, James Rowland
(1893, 1869-1949)
Angell received his first MA from the University of Michigan under John Dewey. His second MA was from Harvard under William James.
WATSON, John Broadus
(1903, 1878-1958)
Watson received his Ph.D from the University of Chicago.
LASHLEY, Karl Spencer
(1914, 1890-1958)
Lashley received his Ph.D from John Hopkins University.
LANDIS, Carney
(1924, 1897-1962)
Landis received his Ph.D at Columbia University.
BENTON, Arthur L.
(1935, 1909-2006)
Benton received his Ph.D. at Columbia University.
(1952, 1925-)
Bandura received his Ph.D from the University of Iowa.