Inside the Psychologist's Studio
with Albert Bandura
APS - Association for Psychological Science

Towards and Agentic Theory for the New Millenium
Invited address to the International Union of Psychological Sciences, Cape Town, 2012.

Moral Disengagement
How people do harm and live in peace with themselves

Snake Phobia Treated using Guided Mastering

Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: An Introduction (Davidson Films, Inc.)
Davidson Films
P.O. Box 664, Santa Margarita, CA 93453

Reducing Urgent Global Problems by Psychosocial Means
The British Psychological Society (London and Home Counties Branch)

Duffy Adopting the Protestant Ethic
As an offshoot of research on self-regulation, Michael Mahoney's dog Duffy developed the "Protestant Ethic" in which self-reward is conditional on prior work. Duffy had full control over beef cubes in his refrigerator, but he treated himself to a beef cube after some typing and took only one after each typing performance from amidst his available supply.

Roast of Professor Bandura by his former doctoral students on his 65th birthday amidst the noble grapes at his favorite locale, Napa Valley. In acknowledgment of his love of grand opera, they summarized his theory using the melodic form of the Beatles's song Yesterday.
Text of "Efficacy"